Canyon Deep – Dune Highs

Heading south from Swakopmund we dived deep into the Namib desert – home of the world’s biggest dunes. We passed the snappily named Dune 7 which is the highest in the world on our way to Sossusvlei in the early morning.


Another perfect morning in Namibia


Morning flights over Sossusvlei

Foolishly I decided to try to run up our first dune, Dune 45, but by half way up the sand had sapped pre-breakfast energy completely!


Race to the top was a bad idea

Among a steady stream of climbers, like an ant trail on the top ridge, we had clear views of perfect geometric dunes in all directions.



Running down the dune was like walking on the moon and cartwheeling down was like being in a spinning top!



Breakfast in the morning sun

Heading further into the park we got to ‘Big Daddy’ which is 380m tall which feels a lot higher when the sand is slipping from under your feet, it’s the middle of the day and you forgot to bring water!


There’s Big Daddy!

After a gruelling 45 min climb we made it to spectacular views of the dune fields and plenty of selfies. Running down this one there was so much sand in my shoes that the pressure on my feet was getting sore!


Side of Big Daddy as photoed from the pan

At the base there is a dry pan which looks almost lifeless but there’s the occasional critter which can make it a home.


We kept well clear of this one, on our way back we had to push out of the sand not one but two cars who decided to ignore all the warnings and ploughed their 2wd deep into the soft sand.

For sunset we hit the Fish River Canyon – the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon and quite simply stunning in the setting sun.

Millions of years of erosion had carved out the canyon which was all the more dramatic as was set in a completely barren flat landscape.

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