Capricorn to Cape

Heading towards the South African border we passed the Tropic of Capricorn which obliged all the capricorns in the group to get out for an action shot. A line of latitude at 23 degrees South it is the last point, due to the angle of rotation of the earth, at which the sun will be directly overhead.


Speeding on through the countryside the landscape began to change with some vineyards breaking up the dusty landscape as we got closer to the Orange river which forms the border with Namibia and South Africa.

Just in our camp on the other side of the river we headed out for a late afternoon canoe down the river, before long there was plenty of splashing and a few people taking an unplanned dip in the river.

Despite being an international border there’s no patrols or fences on either side, indeed back at our camp there was a tethered surf board in the middle of the river. I headed out with a G&T to watch the sun go down – there aren’t many international borders where you sit floating having a drink so I figured why not?


Sundowners floating on an international border

Further south of the Orange river and we head into wine country of Cederberg. Here the terrain gets mountainous and enough rain to sustain vine growing. Indeed for our very last tent setup we were to expect rain for the first time on the trip.

We stopped at the Highlands vineyard owned by a guy who had previously worked as a driver on the overland routes, then gone and made some money as an electrical engineer and decided to pack all that in and buy a vineyard which must be at least as much work but sounds like living the dream!

We had wine tastings before dinner and our last night in the tents around the campfire before our ride down to Cape Town and our final stop – the mother city!

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