Sri Lanka – Odds and Ends

Sri Lanka for the tourist is a little powerhouse – trekking in hill country, tea plantations, colonial forts, surfing, ancient cities, meditation and of course endless deserted beaches.

Apart from the regular sights here are a few things I noticed along the way

Cricket is a national obsession

Ok perhaps not a complete surprise but all across the country on any flat green land cricket players weren’t far off

Fantastic Signs

Who couldn’t fall in love with this officious sign


And this one I wanted to take with me back to India


Ordering curry and get 7 of them

What could be better than getting an enormous spread of curries with a mound of rice – well the nap that’s required after when you finish the lot of course!


Bus and Train Food Vendors

On a long bus journey going only 30kmh – don’t despair there are vendors waiting to sell you felafel style bites with chili and onion. And all wrapped in last week’s homework!



The Train System Timewarp

The train stations, the information boards, the weighing scales at stations – everything in fact about the train system is incredibly quaint and harks back to the old days of train travel.

Dutch French and Germans but few Solo Travellers

The Dutch may have the old colonial connection but somehow this didn’t extend to the Brits. There were an overwhelming number of French, Dutch along with Germans around Sri Lanka.

Also compared to India there were very few solo travellers – lots of families and couples so when we found each other it was a gift

Tuk Tuk Spirits Bottles

I think everyone has a love-hate moments with Tuk tuk drivers – one minute they are swooping to the side of the road one after another to try to coax you in and the next you can’t find one.

Most had a cheery smile and happy to share a laugh though. Spending time in enough tuk tuks and you start to notice these glass bottles of hard spirits and wonder if that is why.


Absolut Peach refreshment?


Don’t ask!

You don’t know whether to be more worried if they are full or half empty but each assured me it was all water but after seeing the driving I was never quite sure!

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